What is the Lease Agreement?

    299 of the Turkish Code of Obligations. "the lessee undertakes to leave the use or use of something to the lessee and the lessee undertakes to pay the agreed rental price in return," the article of the lease agreement states," "the sentence defines it ". Although real estate rental contracts are issued for one year, the tenant's notice has the right to terminate, except in exceptional cases, such as a new owner, he cannot evict the tenant who fulfills the lessor's obligations with a bet that the contract has expired. The lease agreements renew themselves as they expire at the end of the ten years. The owner of the immovable property can only evict the tenant after the expiration of ten years, provided that the legal procedures and deadlines are followed with a bet that the contract period has expired.

   The Rate of Rent Increase

  The landlord-tenant relationship is a prevalent and essential issue in our country. Disposing of the rental amount of the rented real estate at a specific rate every year is called the rent increase rate. However, if this amount is tried to be increased at exorbitant rates, the legal intervention will be encountered. In other words, interference was made with contracts by law to not increase the rental prices at exorbitant rates. Based on this, the maximum limit applied to rent increase rates is the 12-month average in the CPI for the previous rental period.

  What is the Eviction Case?

   An eviction case is a case for evicting a tenant from a rented real estate by a Real estate owner, limited to the reasons specified in the law. The eviction case terminates the lease agreement between the owner and the tenant, allowing the tenant to decommission the property.

   What is the Eviction Case for the Reason of Need?

   Real estate owners may terminate the lease agreement and provide the evacuation of the relevant real estate with an eviction case to be opened if their relatives, specified by Article 350 of the Turkish Code of Obligations, need the rented real estate. However, the immovable property rented for eviction in this way must be used due to the need for housing or a workplace. The relatives specified for eviction are limited to the lessor himself, the lower, the upper, his wife, and again the dependents of the owner. In addition, for an Eviction case to be filed, the reason put forward must be mandatory, accurate, and consistent. For fixed-term lease agreements, an eviction notice must be filed within one month from the expiration of the contract period.

  Footnote: All these processes, which we briefly mentioned in the law of rent, require knowledge and experience in a technical sense. In cases where adequate and necessary care is not taken, persons may suffer rights losses. For this reason, we provide you with professional consultancy and follow-up services in Rental Law in our law office.

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