Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Marriage

According to our current law, people can acquire Turkish citizenship through marriage. However, being married to a Turkish citizen does not directly entitle you to become a Turkish citizen. Foreign nationals married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years can apply to acquire Turkish citizenship. At the same time, applicants who want to acquire Turkish citizenship through marriage, living in family unity, not engaging in activities incompatible with the marriage union, and not having any obstacles that may endanger national security and public order are sought Turkish citizenship.

How to Apply for Citizenship through Marriage?

Citizenship applications through marriage can be made from within the country and abroad. Foreign nationals who want to acquire Turkish citizenship through marriage by applying from within the country should apply to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey with the requested documents if they meet the necessary conditions. Applications abroad are made to foreign representatives. The relevant authorities prepare the citizenship file for the ministry, which is the decision maker.

Documents Required for Application for Citizenship by Marriage
2-Citizenship application form
3-Identity registration of a Turkish citizen spouse
4-Marriage certificate
5-4 biometric photos
6-Criminal record of the applicant
7-Receipt of payment of service fee
8-If the applicant’s place of residence is in Turkey, the most recent residence permit,

Points to be considered

In the process of acquiring Turkish citizenship through marriage (family), the type of residence permit must be within the scope of family reunification at the time of application. Applications made within the size of a touristic or another residence permit will be rejected. If the person requesting citizenship is within the scope of another residence permit, he/she must pass under the family residence permit to apply for Turkish citizenship through marriage.

In case of rejection of the application for citizenship through marriage, if the person thinks that the rejection decision is unlawful, he has the right to file a lawsuit for the annulment of the rejection of the application. The deadline for filing an action for annulment is 60 days from the notification of the decision.

Being previously married to a Turkish citizen does not grant the right to apply. For the relevant application, the condition of continuing the marriage is sought. However, the citizenship of the foreigner entitled to Turkish citizenship is not canceled with the divorce.

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