Adel Lawyers office has been operating in Antalya for a long time with an experienced crew who has divided by their professionality on their fields. They’ve been idealized to solve the matters in the shortest and the most benefiting way possible.

Main principle of our office is to acknowledge the client about the process before it even starts and make client become aware of the possible outcomes whether they are positive or negative. Then we keep consulting through the course of legal process and provide legal help after it ends. You may reach us anytime to solve legal problems or just to consult us.

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Work Areas

Real Estate Law

Labor and Employment Law

Business and Trade Law

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Law of Succession

Corporate Law

International Law

Family and Divorce Law

Criminal Law

Immigration Law

Insurance Law

Administrative Law


Lawyer Gökhan Akgül

Gökhan Akgül – Lawyer

Lawyer Gökhan AKGÜL was born in Kırşehir / Turkey and completed his high school education in the Kırşehir Justice Vocational High School. Then he was graduated from the Akdeniz University Faculty of Law. He continued his professional life in the field of law.

He took part in volunteered internship programs as well as the legally required internships and gathered experience in many fields.

In 2021-2022 he took part in the Informational Technologies Commission of Bar Association of Antalya as the vice president and took part in the board of management.

As 2020 he continues his master’s degree at Institute of Social Sciences in Akdeniz University.

He takes part in Society of Kırşehir Citizens of Antalya as a part of board of management since 2021.

Lawyer Gökhan Akgül has the certificate for being a conciliator and supports the Department of Alternative Solutions for Ministry of Law in that way.

He has a good command of English and speaks German in starter level.

Gökçe Deviren – Lawyer

Gökçe Deviren was born in Antalya, and completed her high school education as the top student of Gazi Anatolian High School in result of her hard work. She graduated from Yaşar University Faculty of Law.

As well as the legally required internship activities, she took part in voluntary internship programs to gain experience in many fields.

Büşra Tekin – Auxiliary Staff

Büşra Tekin was born in Antalya, Aksu. She’s continuing her professional career as office manager and secretary.

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