Residence permit: it is the legal document that determines the period of stay within the borders of the Republic of Turkey, which the foreigner must obtain from the Provincial Immigration Administration for foreign nationals who will stay in Turkey longer than the visa period. There is a Health Insurance obligation for a foreign citizen to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. Residence permit applications of foreign nationals who do not have health insurance will be unsuccessful.

    The health insurance period must cover the requested residence permit period. The validity of private health insurance made by individuals abroad will only be valid if signed by the relevant company's domestic agencies. To obtain a residence permit, it is necessary to have health insurance for at least one year and a valid passport or substitute document for at least six months. During his stay in Turkey, the relevant public institutions will pay his health-related expenses.

A valid health insurance condition is not sought for foreigners who are covered.

    The situation is different for family residence permit applications. The sponsor must have health insurance covering all family members in family residence permit applications. Otherwise, the application will be negative. General health services within three months from the date of enrollment, if students request it.

Valid health insurance is not requested as they are covered by the insurance but within three months.
They are required to take out general health insurance and notify the administration.

Although the premium fee of the health insurance that foreigners must have in order to obtain a residence permit is not certain, it varies according to the age and health status of the person. For the year 2022, these variables vary between 1000 Turkish lira and 3000 Turkish lira on average.

Residence permit applications should be made with the utmost care and time. If you do not complete your missing documents within the specified time, your application will be removed from the process. In this regard, it will be highly beneficial to get help and advice from a lawyer who is an expert in the field of Foreigners Law. In our law office, we provide you with professional assistance and follow-up services in the field of Foreigners Law.

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