Permanent Residence Permit for Crimean Tatar Turks

Long-term residence permits began to be granted to the Crimean Tatar Turks, who were included in the “Turkish Noble” status by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Directorate of Migration Management. Crimean Tatar Turks, who were previously granted the “Turkish Noble” status given to Meskhetian, Uyghur, and Bulgarian Turks, can now obtain long-term residence permits.

Under normal circumstances, for a foreigner who is not a Turkish citizen to obtain a long-term residence permit, it was required to reside in Turkey continuously for 8 years. After the Crimean Tatar Turks are included in the “Turkish Noble” Status, the condition of 8 years of uninterrupted residence will not be sought for the Crimean Tatar Turks. In this way, the practice of issuing long-term residence permits to the Crimean Tatar Turks without the condition of 8 years of uninterrupted residence in Turkey was started in August 2022.

If the Crimean Tatar Turks who come to Turkey meet the necessary conditions, they can have a long-term residence permit without having to complete the 8-year residence requirement. Crimean Tatar Turks who want to benefit from this regulation will be able to apply to the provincial directorate of migration administration with the required documents.


Long-term residence permit applications should be made with the utmost care. Mistakes made during the application process or cases such as applying with missing documents can lead to loss of rights and time for individuals. In this case, getting help from a lawyer who is an expert in the field is extremely important. In our Law Office, we provide you with professional assistance and follow-up services in the field of Foreigners Law.

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