There is no obstacle for foreign nationals to purchase a vehicle within the borders of the Republic of Turkey. Foreign nationals can purchase a vehicle by themselves, or they can apply to Consulates with their passports and purchase vehicles through a lawyer they personally represent.

Vehicle Sales from Foreigners to Foreigners

It is possible to sell a land vehicle within the borders of the Republic of Turkey from a foreign national to another foreign national. Persons residing temporarily in Turkey for the purpose of working and studying can purchase a vehicle from a Foreigner to a Foreigner, exempt from customs duty, special consumption tax and value added taxes, and can sell a vehicle to a foreigner who has the same rights.

Bringing a Vehicle from Abroad

There is no restriction to bring vehicles from abroad to our country. A person who is currently residing abroad can bring his vehicle with foreign license plate to Turkey if he fulfills the requirement to be processed in the passport. Our citizens residing abroad and foreign nationals holding a residence permit in Turkey can keep their vehicles with foreign license plates in Turkey for up to 2 years (730 days) without paying any fee.
have the opportunity to keep and use. Foreign nationals who do not have a residence permit in Turkey are given a total of 90 days out of 180 days.
The time given to the vehicle can be used in one go, or it can be used in parts. Likewise, vehicles brought into the country can be sent abroad by presenting a valid power of attorney.

If the persons residing abroad who came to Turkey by vehicle brought their vehicle within the last 185 days from the date of entry, the used periods are deducted from 730 days and the remaining period is given. If foreign nationals (except for residence permit-blue card holders) who came to Turkey by vehicle have brought a vehicle within the last 180 days from the date of entry, the used periods are deducted from 90 days and the remaining time is given.

Foreigners who want to bring a vehicle from abroad must reside in the country where the vehicle is registered. In addition, the car to be brought must be registered on the person who brought the vehicle. Vehicles with foreign license plates belonging to someone else can be brought to Turkey by power of attorney or lease, in the following cases.

Blue card Turks living in Germany can bring their vehicles to the Republic of Turkey for a period of 730 days. Only vehicle owner and first degree relatives can use this vehicle. German blue card holders must have a driver’s license, foreign ownership document and an insurance policy valid in Turkey at the time of entry of the vehicle into Turkey.

It is possible for foreign nationals to buy a vehicle in Turkey. They can buy the vehicle themselves or through a lawyer by giving a power of attorney. In addition, it is necessary to get help from a lawyer serving in the field of Foreigners Law in order to complete the necessary documents completely and quickly. We provide professional services in the field of Foreigners Law in our law firm.

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